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What is Hellschreiber? Hellschreiber, or Hell, is a method of sending and receiving text using facsimile technology.  It is unique in that the characters are not decoded, but “painted” or printed on a screen.  There are several modes of Hellschreiber, the most popular being a single-tone version call Feld-Hell, an on-off keyed system with 122.5 dots/second, or about a 35 WPM text rate.  FH has a narrow bandwidth of about 75 Hz.  Feld-Hell also has the advantage of having a low duty cycle meaning your transmitter will run much cooler with this mode.  

  • For a terrific explanation of Hellschreiber, we highly recommend the ZL1BPU web site, which explains everything you need to know about this mode, including the most pressing question, “why does Hell transmit two lines of text?
  • There is also a great introductory video on You Tube by Randy, K7AGE which you can see here

Feld Hell Frequencies

(from the FHC website…)


 Band Frequency
 160 Meters 1.843-1.844 MHz
 80 Meters 3.578-3.584 Mhz
 40 Meters 7.080-7.086 MHz
 30 Meters 10.137 10.134 Mhz (Region 1)
 20 Meters 14.063 MHz-Preferrred
 14.073* MHz-See Note
 17 Meters 18.105 MHz
 15 Meters 21.063 Mhz
 12 Meters 24.924 MHz
 10 Meters 28.063
 6 Meters 50.286 MHz

Note: For 20 meter ops, the FHC calling frequency is 14.063 and UP to 14.069. PSK31 ops are on 14.070 and the QRP club uses 14.060 as their calling frequency. We do not wish to cause interference to each other. A reminder, QRP is a power reference, not a mode. If using 14.073, be sure to avoid interference with the JT65 or FT8 area. Even though some may encroach on our segment, we need to be be the good guys!

Hellschrieber / FHC Net

The Hellschreiber/Feld Hell Club Net will be held in FSK HELL-105 mode Thursday evening in North America with early check-ins beginning at 8:45 PM EDT (Friday morning at 0045 UTC day & time).

  Net start time in North America:

Thursday at 9 PM EDT (Friday morning at 0100 UTC day & time)

7089.50 kHz (center) = (7088 kHz dial + 1500 Hz waterfall).

Mode: FSK HELL-105 (Aka FMHELL)

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